Top Line Growth

Top Line Growth

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Sales Strategy

Clyde Ventures can help you develop your Sales strategy in a range of ways. Speak to us about how we've supported clients:

  • Maximise their sales by creating enhanced value propositions
  • Develop their Marketing Strategies and open up new Sales channels
  • Leverage Technology to optimise lead generation and conversion

Debt Strategy

Our extensive operational experience across multiple sectors has made us experts in the field of Debt Management. As well as directly running sizeable collections teams, we have delivered numerous projects across the consumption to collection lifecycle involving:

  • Unbilled debt reduction by data cleansing, exceptions clearance and void management
  • Improved debt segmentation and tailored follow up
  • Service excellence across Collection and Recovery Operations

Margin Optimisation

All our consultants across the Clyde Ventures team are trained Lean Sigma practitioners equipped with the skills and toolkits needed to help optimise margin for our clients by:

  • Eliminating non value add and failure demand
  • Removing unnecessary demand through quality improvement and customer self serve
  • Maximising sales through enhanced value propositions

Due Diligence

Clyde Ventures has experience conducting due diligence from full M&A to more tactical compliance assurance and risk management. We deploy a range of project-appropriate methods and techniques to provide our clients with recommendations on risk mitigation and provide necessary assurance to enable proceeding with investment, such as:

  • Creating cash flow models and developing scenarios to stress test the seller's assumptions.
  • Analysing the company's accounts and forecasts to produce financial performance metrics.
  • Critiquing the viability of the business model and the transferability of their Tech across international markets.
  • Conducting peer group analysis and reviewing operational performance against industry benchmarks.
  • Assessing the seller's hedging strategy and the validity of their unit economics and lifetime value projections.
  • Producing a valuation and clear recommendations to mitigate investment risk and enable the client to proceed with confidence.

Case Studies

Clyde Ventures: Learn how we provide value to our clients.

Reduced unbilled debt resulting in collections uplift of £20m over 18 months.
Confirmed the level of debt associated with leakage and segmented the cleansed portfolio to deliver a £2m upside.
Developed a process control and exceptions management framework to facilitate the collection of over £13M in debt.
Conducted a LEAN review across a client's operations to deliver £1.95M in benefits.
Developed a value model linking operational activities to optimise regulatory outcome delivery incentives.
Implemented operational excellence and developed a new Target Operating Model to reduce headcount by 25%.
Conducted financial and operational due diligence on a technology led, energy retailer to provide assurance to support our client's proposed $20m investment.

Why Choose Clyde Ventures

Headquartered in Glasgow with a national team of more than 30 UK based General and Salesforce Consultants, we have doubled in size over the last 2 years and have now delivered multiple projects across 4 continents. Clyde Ventures' unique USP blends our experience across Industry, Operations and Salesforce with our social recruitment strategy to offer Clients an unparalleled value proposition

Value Proposition

We combine these skills to provide a technical solution that meets operational needs and generates quantifiable value at pace.


Our team have held senior positions in multiple regulated sectors such as utilities and financial services. As such, we know these industries extensively and, more importantly, understand our Client’s challenges. We are not standard integrators; we are management consultants and industry experts who use technological solutions to support the delivery of operational goals, alongside a robust and detailed value model, underpinning the benefits of the transformation.


Scotland’s largest independent Salesforce Integrator, we have a team of multi-certified implementation experts who have built up a compelling library of case studies on the back of numerous successful integrations which have delivered our client’s strategic outcomes. In addition, we are certified in both Net Zero Cloud and Energy and Utility Cloud implementations and are now the Salesforce partner holding the most E&U Cloud certifications in the entirety of the UK and Ireland.


Our team are born from operations, so we understand the challenges involved and have the scars. We promote transparency and collaboration. Because we provide an operational solution which is systematised with Salesforce, we create much greater value than a systemic deployment alone. We approach our engagements with an operational head, so we don’t think like a standard software integrator. We ensure that everything we do ties back to quantifiable value and we deliver that value with agility.

A Force For Social Good

We recruit 90% of our staff from the most deprived 10% of postcodes and train them with the necessary technical, analytical and industry skills needed to work as professional management consultants. This unique recruitment approach has allowed us to overcome the traditional talent supply chain issues that hinder our competitors and enables us to accelerate project delivery across multiple continents. All of our staff own shares in the business consequently, we have a team that are engaged, loyal and keen to show our clients that our recruitment model works. We are on a mission to encourage all businesses to assess, build and develop talent like we do.

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