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Value Model

Case Study: Developed a value model linking operational activities to optimise regulatory outcome delivery incentives.

David Philipson - 08/01/2024


Our client provides leading utilities across the world with innovative cleantech solutions. Working with some of the world's biggest energy and water companies, as well as innovative challenger brands, they help companies reshape what it means to be a utilities business. They have been unsuccessful in breaking into the UK water retail market as their proposition didn't resonate with the operational and strategic considerations of potential customers by linking the product to Outcome Delivery Incentives and PR24 Price Control.

What did we do?

  • Water industry and Outcome Delivery Incentive training documentation generated with recommendations, referencing as-is CRM functionality, and future state roadmap Assessments and recommendations for changes to existing processes produced, to align to the operational requirement of potential customers.
  • Workflows and journeys created for key processes in deployable modules to support operational processes.
  • Functionality and sales briefs created for each workflow developed to support demonstrations and upskilling of sales resource.
  • Key stakeholder engagement progressed, highlighting key areas of importance in the water industry.

Benefits Realised

Greater clarity of the ongoing strategy was created at executive level along with improved product development direction. The value risk and return model was surfaced to enhance understanding of how to communicate product value. The product was enhanced for the current market strategy, with components that can be readily modified for other markets and utilities. Concurrently, the current and in development functionality was tied back to Outcome Delivery Incentives and value model in a way that sales strategy can be more easily customised for each prospective customer. The value model was demonstrated to key stakeholders tied back to the functionality created, giving a clearer understanding of how the roadmap can be developed to highlight value to prospective customers.

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