MBA: Sustainable Energy Futures

Proudly Partnered With Strathclyde University

We are proud to support Strathclyde Business School, a leading university, in creating a first-of-its-kind collaborative executive MBA program. This innovative MBA focuses on equipping future leaders with the necessary skills to address the challenges of delivering net-zero emissions and reversing global warming.

In collaboration with Strathclyde Business School, we have formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders who are at the forefront of trailblazing new and innovative strategies to create a better world. This course is specifically designed for professionals who aspire to make a significant impact in their respective fields.

Course Modules

The programme is designed to fully engage participants in peer to peer learning and to provide access to relevant and impactful guest speakers, case studies and examples from the business world.

Strategic Leadership Development

Gain insights into effective strategic leadership practices, focusing on organisational change, risk management, and sustainable performance outcomes.

The Sustainable Energy Organisation

Explore key developments in the energy sector, focusing on sustainability and a multi-agency approach to tackle energy challenges.

Energy Policy & Sustainability

Understand the macro-economic factors affecting organisations, and delve into the role of governance in the energy sector.

Leading a Sustainable Organisation

Examine organisational culture and methods to implement change for sustainable improvements.

Operations and Project Management

Learn the principles of operations management and project management, crucial for adaptiveness and strategic relevance in organisations.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Master the use of data and analytics for business intelligence and problem-solving within organisations.

Accounting & Financial Practice of Energy Transactions

Understand the financial aspects of energy transactions, including the interpretation and reaction to financial statements and reports.

Relationships and Business Development in a Digital Age

Explore strategic marketing and branding in various contexts, particularly in relation to digital trends, sustainability, and globalisation.

Entrepreneurial Thinking & Practice

Develop personal entrepreneurial skills, understanding the impact of different mindsets and approaches on organisational entrepreneurship.

Digital Transformation and Technical Innovation

Focus on digital disruption and trends, developing skills for strategic decision-making and business planning in digital transformation.

Energy Supply & Trading

Analyse the trading and pricing within the energy sector, including forecasting and understanding multifaceted market factors.

Economic Analysis for Strategists within the Energy Sector

Learn about the key influencers of profit in businesses, including market structure, competition, and policy environment impacts.

Applied Strategic Management

Engage with strategic theories and scenario planning processes, tailored for the energy sector.


Apply your knowledge in a capstone project, designed to tackle specific management challenges in the sustainable energy sector.

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